Get More With Your Chat Using loquibot

Geometry Dash, Channel Points and more!

loquibot can be used for a lot!

Need Custom Actions, or do you need to queue up requests for your Geometry Dash live stream?

  • loquibot has an advanced Geometry Dash level request queueing system.
  • It has an advanced custom command, keyword, timer, and Twitch Channel Point and Cheer Action editor
  • We've added a sleek easy to use interface so just about anyone can use it!

loquibot is always updating with many new features planned to make your experience even better. We want to bring loquibot to the levels of Nightbot and Fossabot over time.

Level Requests

You're getting a queuing system with many filters that can be set up, blocking of creators, chatters, and IDs, and a global block system for those questionable levels.

Custom Commands

What's a Chat Bot without custom commands? We allow normal message commands or for you to script your own in JavaScript.

Twitch Channel Point and Cheer Integration

Just like custom commands, you can script actions to occur when a channel point award is redeemed! For example, to play a funny sound!