Values you can place in your command to be replaced with something else.

Example Message:

Alphalaneous: !hug Nightbot

Example Chat response:

Command message: $(user) hugged $(query)

loquibot: Alphalaneous hugged Nightbot

List of variables:

Variable Action
$(if[<Condition>] <Text> | <Else Text>) evaluates a condition (Example: "$(if[1 < 2] do this | otherwise this)") and returns the first option if true, else the second option if false (optional)
$(user) returns the sender's name
$(touser) returns the sender's name if there is no query
$(arg <Number>) returns an argument from the message, example: $(arg 2) to get the 2nd word of the message
$(eval <JavaScript code>) returns the result of the JavaScript code
$(displayname) returns the sender's display name
$(instantrequest) forces the ID sent with this action to go to the top of the queue (Geometry Dash)
$(request) finds a level ID in the message and requests it (Geometry Dash)
$(userid) returns the sender's user ID
$(userlevel) returns the chat level of the sender (everyone, subscriber, twitch_vip, moderator, owner)
$(messageid) returns the ID of the message
$(randomline <Text File/Website>) returns a random line from a text document (Use "file://" before a file path)
$(sound <mp3 File/Website>) plays a sound from an mp3 file (Use "file://" before a file path)
$(level <Position> <Attribute>) returns Geometry Dash level info of the position in the queue
$(channel) returns the name of the channel
$(channelid) returns the ID of the channel
$(count) returns the amount of times the command was ran then increases it by one
$(query) returns the text after the command
$(tts <Optional: voice={Amazon Polly Voice}> <Text>) plays a text to speech sound with the input text
$(cheercount) returns the count of bits within the message
$(querystring) returns the text after the command url encodeded
$(time <Timezone> <Format>) returns the time (see Time Format and Timezones)
$(urlfetch <URL>) returns the response from the URL
$(newline) splits the text into a new message
$(foundword) returns the word found when using keywords
$(randomviewer) returns a random viewer from the viewer list
$(levelpercent) returns the level percent of the level being played in Geometry Dash
$(emptymessage) returns if the message after the command is empty or not (true or false)
$(followage <Username>) returns the follow age of a user
$(weather <Location>) returns the weather of a location